The Great Tree

Friday, 29 January, 2016
A Parable, By Milton Syme

One day, a mother crow was hoping around on the ground at the base of a large tree, when she heard a group of earthworms talking. One earthworm said to the other, “This tree grows tall and strong, so that it may gather enough energy from the sun, and grow these massive roots to help keep the soul soft and healthy.” The mother crow, thinking this talk absolutely absurd, plucked up the earthworm and carried him away into her nest in the great tree.

While the chicks were eating their breakfast in the nest, the mother crow told them of the earthworms’ talk. She warned them of the earthworms ways, and reminded them of the real purpose of the great tree; “The great tree grows such massive roots so that it may gather enough nutrients to grow strong bows, where we may build our homes, safe from the dangers below.”

The great tree looked down upon the crows, and upon the earthworms, and smiled at their naivety. Then the great tree looked up to the sky and breathed in a wash of light, and was satisfied to be able to help so many creatures.

And sun smiled down on the great tree.


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