An Exploration of Literature: A Year of Sleepless Nights

Original Title, written on 25 September, 2014:

Literature Exploration of the Summer of 2014

New Title, as of 20 May, 2015:

An Exploration of Literature: A Year of Sleepless Nights

I am writing this, partially as a personal account and review of the work I have done, but also to inform my friends and relatives what it is that has weighed so heavily on my mind the past year. While it may seem I am busy with a stressful graveyard schedule, and various work preparations, it is the following which has, actually, been most forefront in my mind, and most taxing to my energy. However, the way in which such studies tax the energy, is one which also produces energy. (The taxed energy is physical, whereas the produced energy is willful, and far more powerful and sustaining. If the world knew of this secret there would be far fewer cases of overconsumption of the edible kind. For, the brain consumes far more than the body, and in it’s consumption, spurs the body on to more labors. Not only is more energy used in this work, but the labor also limits time for oral consumption – by doing we forego – and unites the mind more clearly with the body, such that the overconsumption of food can be immediately recognized and, in this light, uncomfortable: it fatigues the mind, and frustrates it by hindering its will.) Continue reading